The Palatal Expander       






Your expander must be turned with a special "key."  Dr. Jusino

   will provide instructions for turning the key, and advise you as to

                                    the number of turns.  Follow the instructions carefully.


     The expander is turned by placing the "key" into the hole, which is

      located in the center screw.  Gently push the key towards the back

     of the mouth.  You will know the key has turned completely when a

                                    new hole appears in the front.








How will I know the expander is working?



          A noticeable effect of the palatal expansion appliance is a separation

       of the front teeth.  The space will begin to close naturally when the

 turning of the key has stopped.  The bone segments, however,

         will stay in the new position.  Generally speaking, Dr. Jusino leaves

  the expander in place for up to a year.  This will allow new bone

     growth in the palate (roof of the mouth) where the separation has

              occurred, and acts as a "retainer" to hold the space.  This is important

  to avoid "relapse" of the widening. 


               Food will have a tendency to get trapped and caught around the expander. 

           The WaterPik appliance Dr. Jusino provided the day the palatal expander

was placed, will help irrigate the area and assist oral hygiene care.  

      Dr. Jusino also recommends using a fluoride rinse nightly.  Be careful

           to avoid excess soft drinks and sweets.



       Never turn the expander more than two (2) times/day


                         Sometimes turning the key of your expander will cause slight

                               discomfort near the bridge of the nose and out toward the

                               cheekbones.  At first, it will be difficult to talk and swallow with the

                               expander appliance, and you may notice more saliva.  It may take

                               several days to get accustomed to the palatal expander appliance.


                          Dr. Jusino wrote his Master's Thesis on the effects of the Palatal Expander                                                    


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