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     Cranbrook Education Expo sponsored by Metro Parent Magazine

    Dr. Jusino educated attendees on the benefits of the Damon System


                                 Dental professionals, teachers, and parents play an important role in establishing

                         children's values about their dental health.  For years, Dr. Jusino and the All Star Team 

                         have been visiting schools to help increase our community's awareness of dental health.

                                The message Dr. Jusino and his team deliver to the community is focused on the   

                         overall importance of proper oral hygiene.  Children are taught the value of a nutritious 

                         diet along with routine brushing and flossing to reduce the risk of tooth decay.  Dr. Jusino's 

                         goal is for everyone to have a perfect smile with beautiful, healthy teeth and gums.

                                Our concern about community doesn't end with dental awareness.  We believe strongly

                         in the value of social responsibility.  In 1998, our practice was presented the Michigan

                         Dental Association's Public Service Award, which recognizes a commitment to community

                         involvement.  Our efforts in this area have resulted in fundraisers, clothing drives, charity 

                         benefits, and assisting the Goodfellows with our annual Toys for Tots and food drive.  In

                         2019, Dr. Jusino donated orthodontic services in excess of $20,000.00 to children who were

                         unable to afford care.  

                              We believe everyone wants to make the world a better place.  Join the All Star Team  

                         today and gain  the benefits of orthodontics - more than just beautiful smiles, a great                                       feeling that will last a lifetime!   
















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