Your First Visit is FREE











First of all, at Dr. Jusino's office we want you to know your initial visit will be stress free!

You will feel cared about, and be treated with good humor.  The purpose of the first visit

                       is to gather information. 


                       Prior to your first visit, we will ask you to complete a medical history formOur

                             Patient Coordinator will send you a welcome package, which includes the

                             medical history form and important information about how our office functions.  We will

                             include a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of the medical history form, or

                             you may fax the form to us

(248) 476.3005


Click here to download Medical Form


                           There is no charge for the initial examination, which includes a *panoramic x-ray and

                           digital photographs.  If insurance is available, we will gladly review coverage prior

                           to your first visit.  As a service to you we will file any necessary claims for benefits,

                           and we accept assignment of benefits from most insurance companies.  A copy of the digital

                           photographs will be given to you following the examination, and a copy of the panoramic

                           x-ray will be sent to your Family Dentist, along with a letter from Dr. Jusino explaining his

                           diagnosis, findings and recommendations.                   


                        Your visit will begin with a tour of the office.   A short information video will then be shown. 

                        Dr. Jusino will personally examine you (or your child) to determine if orthodontic treatment

                        is recommended.  He will discuss his findings with you, and answer any questions you may

                        have concerning his recommendations.  The first visit is an opportunity to determine your

                        treatment needs and expectations.  If orthodontic care is recommended, one of Dr. Jusino's

                        trusted staff will present information regarding applicable treatment fees, and flexible

                        payment arrangements.  We will also assist you with scheduling the necessary appointments

                        to begin care. 


                         Our goal for the first visit is to provide complete knowledge of how orthodontic treatment

                         would benefit you (or your child).  We want you to feel comfortable with your decision

                         to allow us the privilege of serving your health care needs.  We also want to make a lasting

                         impression by showing you how much WE CARE!                                                                                            

                        *usually not necessary if the patient is under the age of ten.


                                      Call today for a Free Exam (248) 476-3000