Types of Appliances



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Herbst Appliance


                            Designed for the correction of Class II bites and to improve facial profiles.

                                   The Herbst will encourage growth in the lower jaw and can eliminate the

                                   need for extracting teeth and/or the need for surgical corrections.


                                                          Click here for more information about the Herbst



Palatal Expander



Palatal Expander


                       The purpose of the Palatal Expander is to widen the upper jaw.  It is

                                   placed across the roof (palate) of the mouth.


Click here for more information about the Palatal Expander






Frozat Appliance


                        The Frozat Appliance is a lower arch expander used to create space

                                    and develop arch shape.  Typically, the Frozat is used in conjunction

                                    with the Palatal Expander. 





Fixed Retainers


Bonded Retainer





Removable Retainer


             It is very important to wear retainer appliances following the completion

   of orthodontic treatment with braces.  Failure to wear the retainer

      appliances as prescribed by Dr. Jusino may result in shifting teeth.



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