Why Choose Us?











    Dr. Jusino has practiced the specialty of orthodontics since 1983 (University of Michigan).


                      He is dedicated to continuing education for himself, and his fine staff.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The office features the latest advancements in orthodontic technology, such as digital


                   radiography, and imaging.  Patient chairs offer the comfort of memory cushion, which


                   conforms to each person, and PSP game units.



                   Our reception area features WiFi, and Playstation video game units for waiting siblings.


                    Don't worry about a babysitter, bring the kids with you to your child's appointment!




            While Dr. Jusino's office features fun activities, this is by no means the reason to choose


                 his practice for the orthodontic care of yourself or family member.


                                   Choose Dr. Jusino's practice if you desire personalized


            care and attention from the Doctor. 



           The busyness of some orthodontic offices do not allow the patient time with the Doctor


                 at every appointment.  Dr. Jusino is committed to quality, not quantity.



                    As a patient of Dr. Jusino's, you receive his personal care and attention


                                               at every appointment.       



                Dr. Jusino places every brace, and determines each step of your treatment.  He is available


                to address any questions, and when away from the office, Dr. Jusino responds to all


                emergencies personally...



      For emergencies, contact Dr. Jusino at (586) 856-6660


          As your "Smile Engineer,"  Dr. Jusino will partner with you every step of the way toward a


               beautiful smile, which will last a lifetime.


              Orthodontics is a once in a life-time event.  Don't you deserve to be treated by an experienced            Specialist committed to personalized care and attention?   




                                         Call today for a Free Exam (248) 476-3000



         Let Dr. Jusino personally spend time evaluating and discussing the best treatment plan for your


           needs, or the needs of your family members.







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